Eosinophilic Awareness Month ended, and I would like to express my gratitude to all the community members and healthcare professionals who supported us throughout this period.

During the month, we focused on increasing visibility for our patient community through the Eosinophilic Voices journeys. With a daily readership of around 6,600, we aimed to facilitate early recognition of eosinophilic symptoms for patients and doctors.

Thank you to all our Voices who bravely shared their stories, providing a sense of connection and support to others facing similar challenges. We are pleased to announce that due to its popularity and importance, we will continue to introduce you to new Eosinophilic Voices throughout 2023, so keep watching and lets us know if you would like to share your story!

We also enjoyed collaborating with our European and US partners, patient advocates, and healthcare professionals to celebrate World Eosinophilic Day and European EoE Day. Thank you for spreading awareness in unique and impactful ways.

Being a part of CEGIR, we have an opportunity of receiving valuable research updates and insights to share with the community - thank you for your hard work!

Consortium of Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases Researchers (CEGIR) regular meeting dedicated to advances in the pipeline for testing & diagnosing lower EGIDs

We are thrilled to see the high level of interest in the recently developed EoE BSG BSPGHAN Joint Guidelines. Healthcare professionals widely recommend our FBO Action Plan and Symptom Tracker to help track and manage patients' symptoms. This interest among the medical community indicates the impact these resources can have in improving patient care.

Our professional network has experienced substantial growth, with approximately 450 healthcare professionals joining us, which reflects the increasing awareness and importance of EADs within the medical community.

We have distributed around 400 informational packs, greatly improving awareness among healthcare professionals through our GP and HCP Awareness Campaigns.

A woman in branding charity t shirt offering leaflets

Pennie is actively participating in the GP Awareness campaign, distributing informational packs

I want to emphasise that none of this would have been possible without the incredible support we have received from our partners and individuals like you. Your advocacy, donations, and fundraising efforts have been instrumental in our mission.

And kudos to our recently joined team member, communications officer Olena. Her hard work and dedication in facing our challenges this month have been invaluable.

Whilst the awareness month may have ended, our work continues. This year, we will focus on enhancing transition care, access to treatment and holistic support for our patient community. We remain committed to our advocacy and active social media strategy, ensuring that vital information and resources reach as many people as possible.

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