We are proud that our website has become a hub connecting healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

Thank YOU for the work you are doing! Without my chat with Amanda I would have carried on thinking that I was just weird, when in fact I've probably had EOE all my life and my food aversions and phobias were just my body self protecting! Fascinating. Heather

Patients and families can now download materials like Symptoms Tracker and build an evidence base to help them and their healthcare professional to select suitable treatment options.

Our Food Bolus Obstruction Action Plan provides vital guidance when food gets stuck, building confidence for those having meals out and facing social anxiety.

We have received warm feedback on our regular webinars featuring healthcare specialists, available for everyone to watch from our website.

I discovered EOS Network sometime in 2022, and it was like an "Ahhh" moment. Wow, the information that is available on the website…I really kind of related to it...Jeff

We collaborate with the BSPGHAN Working Group to enhance patient careFor example, EOS Network recently participated in developing Guidelines for healthcare professionals on diagnosing and managing eosinophilic oesophagitis in children and adults.

At the last BSG and BSPGHAN Annual Meeting, we were pleased to hear that most healthcare professionals have heard of us and downloaded the Guidelines from our website.

In addition, they often recommend their patients to head over to EOS Network website for the information, as this saves lots of time and provides them with vital support.

With our expanding network of over 450 healthcare professionals, we're committed to improving transitional care from childhood to adulthood, championing research, holistic medical care, support groups, and the mental health well-being of our community. 

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