With your local doctor GP (General Practitioner) often being the first port of call when experiencing symptoms of EoE, it is essential for them to have a basic understanding to support you or to be able to refer you to the right service.

EoE is still rare in the world of General Practice so many GPs may not have even heard of it.

We need your help to change this.

Launching during Eosinophilic Awareness Week, we would like our community to volunteer to distribute EoE information to their local doctor's surgeries.

This will include a patient information poster for the waiting room and a GP information leaflet that will direct them to a dedicated GP online training module, guidelines and patient resources.

Over the next 12 months, we would like to see how many surgeries we can reach.

Just imagine how you could improve not only your own but many other EoE sufferers' difficult journeys by informing those that are the first point of medical care.

2020 data shows 8,477 GP surgeries in the UK alone, we will be setting up a map to show where we have reached and we look forward to seeing it fill up as you, our EoE information army, action the campaign!

Volunteer for the GP awareness campaign and become an EOS advocate

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Whether you can deliver to one or to ten doctor's surgeries, you can help lower the average of 8 years that it takes for our adult community members to get a diagnosis.