Your local GP (General Practitioner) or primary care physician (PCP) is often the first person you consult when you experience symptoms of EoE (Eosinophilic Oesophagitis). It's crucial they understand the basics of EoE to provide proper support or refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Despite its importance, EoE remains a lesser-known condition in general practice, and many doctors may not be familiar with it.

We Need Your Support to Make a Change

You can make a significant impact by volunteering to share EoE information with your local doctor's offices. Imagine the difference you can make – not just for yourself but for many others battling EoE – by educating those at the forefront of medical care.

What The Package For Your Doctor Includes

This will include a patient information poster for the waiting room and an information leaflet that will direct them to a dedicated professional online training module, guidelines and patient resources.

There are around 8500 GP surgeries in the UK alone, and we aim to reach as many as possible within the next year.

Become an EOS Network Advocate

Every clinic you visit counts. Whether you can deliver to one or ten doctor's surgeries, you can help lower the average of 8 years that it takes our adult community members to get a diagnosis.

This pack is available globally. Please take photos and tag us on social media with hashtag #ThinkEoE once you have received the package:

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