Becky's journey began when she was 16 years old, burdened by daily reflux, vomiting, and hiccups after meals. You can watch her full story below.

Despite trying numerous proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), her symptoms persisted over a couple of years.

At 18, after numerous frustrating doctor visits, Becky finally received a referral to a gastroenterologist and underwent specific tests. These revealed a Hiatus hernia and reflux disease, leading to the decision that surgery was necessary. The surgery took place when she was 19. Though it went well, the recovery was physically and mentally demanding.

I work as a nurse, and this condition has its good and its bad. Experience being a patient myself definitely gives me a lot of empathy for patients. Because I know what it's like being on the other side.

But just as she started to feel better post-surgery, new symptoms emerged. These included an intense squeezing pain in her chest and the sensation of food descending slowly and occasionally getting stuck.

Despite frequent visits to her GP, these symptoms were continually attributed to her recent surgery.

By age 25, eating had become a painful process. Becky needed to drink a lot of water and chew her meals excessively.

She underwent allergen tests and another gastroscopy with biopsies, finally receiving a diagnosis of Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EoE). This diagnosis brought relief and fear as Becky realised that managing EoE would be an ongoing journey with no quick fixes.

Facing up to her condition wasn't easy. Everyday tasks like grocery shopping became a painful reminder of all the foods she could no longer enjoy. Yet, with acceptance came the discovery of various foods she could eat and enjoy.

The clinician I was seeing at the time recommended EOS Network. I found the website very helpful. There was lots of information, making you feel less lonely in your condition.

A few months after her EoE diagnosis, Becky was diagnosed with Graves' disease, another autoimmune condition, which brought additional complications. However, she has managed to overcome these challenges.

Now 28, Becky has had her thyroid removed and continues to manage her EoE. She has tried Jorveza several times, but unfortunately, it affected her thyroid blood levels. Becky uses dietary modifications to manage her symptoms, adapting to her changing nutritional needs.

Despite her journey's challenges, Becky remains hopeful and grateful for her progress.

...It is a tricky condition to live with because it's not well known. And I think people underestimate how it can make you is a big way off your shoulders to know what you're dealing with and have resources like the EOS Network. It has been a massive help, and I recommend it to many people if it sounds slightly like they might have any eosinophilic symptoms.

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