The most popular elimination diets used for managing Eosinophilic disease symptoms are:

6FED - 6 food elimination of Egg, Dairy, Wheat, Soya, Fish and Nut

4FED - 4 Food elimination of Egg, Dairy, Wheat and Soya

Both diets can be difficult to manage and should not be undertaken without experienced dietetic support, most gastroenterology departments will have supporting dietitians who your consultant can refer you to for advice.

Trying to work out which foods are triggering your symptoms can be a long process of trial and error unfortunately, currently, there is no quick test to find the problem foods. 

Here are some ideas to help keep your mealtimes interesting even if you are cutting out 6 foods or less.

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We are kicking off with 6-4-6 Sunday Pancakes, which are actually yummy any day of the week.

Hot Tip: When you are on a restricted diet is always good to make a little extra at tea time ready for lunch the next day.

Lunch: Saturday Night Left-Overs

Basic Tomato Sauce

1 Chopped Onion or Leek and 3 Garlic Cloves crushed Fry in 1-2 tbsp of oil (olive or other) till they go clear.

Add 1 large jar of plain tomato passata sauce

Season with Salt and Pepper add a sprinkle of dried Basil and Oregano 

Add 150ml of Water and Simmer for 1/2 an hour.

This sauce can be frozen and used as a base to many different dishes.

This pasta dish simply had some lightly fried chopped chicken, once cooked add some chopped courgette fry for 5 minutes more then add the basic tomato sauce.

Serve with gluten-free pasta the one shown is corn-based, if tolerated you can top with some vegan coconut-based cheese.

Summer is Here it is BBQ Time

A Light Turkey Bolognese

Being on a restricted diet may mean more cooking and definitely more shopping but our #6-4-6 recipes mean it won't be boring.

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