Welcome to the EOS Network's official T-shirt shop, your destination for raising awareness and supporting the fight against eosinophilic diseases. Every purchase from our unique collection of apparel aids our mission of assisting individuals and families grappling with eosinophilic esophagitis, eosinophilic gastritis, and other Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases (EADs).

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 Participants wearing EOS Network branded clothing at London Marathon 2024 for eosinophilic disease awareness

Our environmentally friendly range of beautiful organic cotton products is all environmentally sustainable. is specially designed to reflect the courage of the eosinophilic community, making it perfect for those wanting to express solidarity or spread awareness about these conditions. Our T-shirts feature educational and inspirational designs and are a powerful tool in promoting understanding and advocacy for people who live with Eosinophilic Diseases.

By choosing our merchandise, you're contributing directly to vital research, support services, and educational initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those affected by Eosinophilic Diseases.

a woman in a microsoft team meeting window demonstrating a cup featuring Eosinophilic Diseases charity

Each item purchased helps raise funds to support improving the lives of those affected by Eosinophilic Diseases

Discover our collection today and join the movement towards greater awareness and improved care for Eosinophilic Disease patients. 

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EOS Network charity supporters wearing branded clothing at the London Marathon 2024 to raise awareness for eosinophilic diseases

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