Thank you for supporting patients with Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EoE). On average, our patient community is waiting eight years to receive the diagnosis (three for children). The "ThinkEoE" Campaign was developed to help educate others to recognise EoE symptoms earlier, shorten the time needed to diagnose and improve patient outcomes.

Since the start in 2022, "ThinkEoE" posters have gone up around the globe, and healthcare professionals have tagged EOS Network in multiple pictures. We invite you and your team to participate in our #ThinkEoE Campaign.

Please click the button below to receive a professional information pack that will include:

  • Sample of patient resources available
  • "Think EoE" T-shirt (UK only)
  • EOS Network support services poster for your clinic waiting room
  • "Think EoE" poster to increase FBO awareness in your hospital’s Emergency Services staff area

This pack is available globally. Please take photos and tag us on social media with hashtag #ThinkEoE once you have received the package:

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