What is Give As You Live?

Give As You Live is an online platform that works together with online stores to raise a percentage of your purchases as charitable donations. The platform has over 4,000 stores to choose from with a desktop donation reminder and app, meaning you can help raise donations for free simply by doing your normal online shopping

Give As You Live offers a wide range of shopping experiences which you can raise funds from, you can book travel, shop for groceries and even swap your insurance provider. All of this is free to do and helps to raise money for charities like The EOS Network.  

How can you help The EOS Network?

With the current COVID-19 restrictions charities are unable to plan fundraising events in both indoor and outdoor spaces. By using platforms such as Give As You Live you are raising a donation for The EOS Network every time you shop online, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Charities like ours rely on public fundraising efforts and volunteers to help make a difference in the community. If you’re not an online shopper you can always share Give As You Live with someone who you know might use it, the platform currently has a scheme offering £5 to your chosen charity if you get your friends to sign up. To help raise a free £5 donation simply share Give As You Live on social media with your friends and family or send out a link via email, the unique link can be found on your personalised dashboard when you sign up and log in. 

Give as you live badge for The EOS Network

How can I help support EOS Network using Give As You Live?

Using Give As You Live is easy (and free!): 

First head to www.giveasyoulive.com and select ‘Sign Up’

  • Fill in your details - they will not ask for any payment details!
  • Select your favourite high street brands for a tailored experience or use the search bar to find the stores you’re looking for such as Boots or ASOS.
  • Give As You Live will redirect you to the store’s website where you can shop as normal! After you have been through the checkout a donation will be raised by Give As You Live at no extra cost to you

Give As You Live offers a free Google Chrome extension which reminds you to raise a donation if you’re browsing online. To Install the extension simply head to their website and click on ‘Install Donation Reminder’ on your home screen.

Give As You Live Chrome Extension Reminder

Alternatively, if you shop using your phone, you can download the Give As You Live app for free from the Apple Store - coming soon to Android. 

If you’re not an online shopper you can help raise funds for those affected by eosinophilic diseases by using one of our other free donation methods! 

Or, if you’d prefer to send a monetary donation to The EOS Network instead, you can do so on our donate page