May marks Eosinophilic Awareness Month #EAM2024, a pivotal opportunity for the EOS Network community to raise awareness about Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases (EADs). By engaging with our branded materials and digital tools, you can help spread crucial information and foster understanding.

This guide is packed with important page links highlighted in blue, and purple shortcut buttons to the tools you need.

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 Influence Ideas

 Wear & Share Ideas 

Fundraising Ideas 

Influence Ideas

Do you enjoy social media?

Choose activities that will allow you to influence your followers and friends and accumulate impact, which is the key to creating long-lasting awareness.

Social Media Advocacy 

Transform your online presence with our social media profile frames and give every interaction a chance to educate about EADs.

Action Steps

    • Update social profiles with the #EAM2024 frame.
    • Circulate our ready-to-post graphics with compelling eosinophilic facts and quotes.
    • Use the #EAM2024 Zoom background to spark interest during your meetings online.
    • Remember to use hashtags to enable us and other audiences to find these publications. Copy and paste them in the text post before posting: #EAM2024 #eosnetwork.

Weekly Easy Steps

Try doing three easy, small activities every week of Eosinophilic Awareness Month. 

Week 1 Join our Network Share this page or any post on social media from our page with hashtags #EAM2024 #eosnetwork  Contact your GP to ask if they are interested in the Think EoE! Educational Pack
Week 2 Buy your favourite 'free from' snack and share it with a friend Ask your employer if they can support EOS Network Light up your porch with pink and post to social media with hashtags #EAM2024 #eosnetwork 
Week 3 Wear pink, purple or one of our branded T-shirts Contact your representative to ask for their support for legislation that will help people with Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases (EADs) Post any of the ready-to-share images, adding a couple of words from you and hashtags #EAM2024 #eosnetwork 
Week 4 Leave a testimonial on our Facebook page Invite your friends to follow and join us Share how living with an Eosinophilic-Associated Disease (EAD) affects your daily life using hashtags #EAM2024 #eosnetwork 

Wear And Share Ideas

Proud to advocate?

Show your support and create interest in Eosinophilic Disease with our new 'Wear&Share' designs.

Wear Eosinophilic Awareness Clothing

Branded T-Shirts

Our EOS Network t-shirts are not just clothing; they're conversation starters. Wear them to boost visibility and provoke discussions about eosinophilic diseases at public gatherings and on social media. Be ready to answer the questions and direct people to look for more on our website.

  • Engagement Tips:
    • Coordinate group activities like walks wearing the t-shirts.
    • Share your photos online using #EAM2024 and #eosnetwork to increase reach.

Order your t-shirt

There were so many runners I got chatting to before the race, on the route, and after, asking me what an EAD is and how it affects me; I even had people asking how you pronounce it, lol. For me, running the London Marathon was all about raising awareness for EOS, and I’m just so glad I was able to do that! 

Carla, wearing our branding top during the London Marathon 2024

EOS Stickers

These small yet impactful stickers can be your tool for everyday advocacy—place them strategically to catch the eye and spark curiosity.

  • Placement Ideas:
    • Distribute stickers with outgoing correspondence.
    • Use stickers on your jeans, books and laptop.
    • Encourage placement in visible public spots (always with permission).

Order your sticker

Share Powerful Statistics, Quotes and Personal Stories

Utilise ready-to-post social media banners and personal stories from our special project, 'Eosinophilic Voices', to craft messages that resonate emotionally with your audience and link your posts back to our website.

    • Highlight stories of individuals impacted by EADs.
    • Share insights from your personal journey to enhance impact.
    • Always ask your followers to share and engage with your post - these actions are crucial for increasing your post visibility among your followers!

Go to 'Eosinophilic Voices' stories

Fundraising Ideas

Inspired to help raise funds for a better future? 

Create a fundraising campaign, and don't hesitate to ask us for assistance! 

Start a Fundraiser

By initiating a fundraiser, you can raise money, increase awareness, and enhance support for people affected by Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases. Our analysis shows that fundraisers boost the EOS Network's website in search engines, enabling more people to find vital information and receive support. 

Screenshot of 'Nancy and Teds Fundraiser' on JustGiving, showing a 132% achievement over the £5,000 goal with £6,609 raised by 224 supporters. Features a cartoon portrait of two smiling children against a starry background. Below, the EOS Network and Southampton Hospitals Charity logos are displayed, indicating the charities supported by the fundraiser.

Read Ted & Nancy's Story

JustGiving Page

This trusted website makes creating a page and posting updates easy. It's easy to donate, which is vital during fundraising. Read our fundraising guide here.

Look at the past fundraisers for inspiration

Set up your fundraiser with JustGiving 

Facebook Quick Fundraiser

Another quick but powerful tool is a Facebook Fundraiser. It integrates seamlessly into your social media, making it easy for friends and family to donate without leaving the platform. You can set one up directly from our Facebook page or your personal profile.

To start a fundraiser for the EOS Network, go to the field where you create a new post. Then, click on the three dots located in the right corner.

a screenshot of the facebook post creating

From the menu that opens up, select 'Raise Money'. In the search bar, type 'EOS' and click on the 'EOS Network' option. Follow the directions given by the wizard to set up the fundraiser successfully.

  • Engagement Tips:
    • Share the link to your fundraiser across all your networks - you might need to do it quite a few times.
    • Regularly post updates and acknowledgements to thank donors.
    • Use photos and stories to illustrate the impact of donations.
    • Contact your local businesses and your employer to ask if they could help by donating or supplying you with gifts to make a raffle.
    • Use hashtags to help people follow your journey: #EAM2024 and #eosnetwork
    • Ask your friends and family to team up with you.

Set Up A Regular Donation

Please consider making a regular gift to help us grow and support you better.

£5 a month will help us accumulate resources to support someone living with a diagnosis by giving them access to information and a community support officer to talk to.

Set up your gift here

Every action you take, from sharing a post to creating a fundraising campaign, extends our reach and deepens the impact of our collective advocacy efforts. Use #EAM2024 and #eosnetwork to make your activities more visible and join efforts with other EOS Network's supporters!

Our social media channels: 

Facebook charityeos

Instagram @charityeos

Twitter (X) @CharityEos 

Tips for increasing your reach on social media

Share our impact and what we do. 

Add important dates to your diary and keep activities around them, which will help to amplify the impact.

Main photo: Victoria Bridge, Brisbane (illuminated pink and purple), Marion Stock.

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