Join the EOS Network's efforts to raise awareness for Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases (EADs) this Eosinophilic Awareness Month #EAM2024 by updating your social media profile with our special eosinophilic awareness frames. These frames are a simple yet impactful way to show solidarity and educate your friends and followers about this important cause.

By customising your profile picture, you become a vital part of our community's voice, driving attention and support towards the well-being of individuals with eosinophilic diseases.

Together, let's make a difference!


How and where to use the Eosinophilic Awareness Month Profile Frame

Create a frame uploading your picture, and adjusting the size and placement by scrolling your mouse. Choose a frame that you like to do so. Once created, press 'Download' to save the picture to your device.

Open your social media profile and choose to update your profile picture (usually, you press an icon on your profile picture).

Upload the downloaded frame image from your device. Adjust the placement and size of your photo within the frame if needed.

Set the frame as your new profile picture so it's visible to all. You can also add a short text, like  'I'm supporting Eosinophilic Awareness Month! Join me to make a change! #EAM2024 #eosnetwork'.

Enjoy your new profile picture and the impact it is creating for the community!

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