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How To Make Your Fundraising Page Effective

We understand that beginning your first fundraiser can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. For instance, Pennie had doubts about whether anyone would donate to her fundraiser.

However, to her surprise, she saw a rapid increase in donations and was pleased with the support she received. She achieved this by sharing her daily eosinophilic-related experiences, which she had previously feared may have been boring to other people.

To help get you started, we've gathered a selection of top fundraiser tips directly from the successful experiences of our community members.

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Top Fundraising Tips 

Tell Your Story

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Explain why you are fundraising for EOS Network and how it relates to your personal experience or interest. Share your passion and motivation for supporting this cause and how it will make a difference for people with Eosinophilic Diseases

Use photos, videos, or testimonials to make your page more engaging and authentic. Start with a short description and one or two photos, and post additional content as updates regularly. Regular updates keep your audience engaged and informed about the progress of your fundraising efforts and the impact their contributions are making.

We can help amplify your fundraiser and feature your story in our Eosinophilic Voices section and social media channels.

Fundraiser Title Tips

Crafting an impactful title for your fundraising page is essential in capturing attention and conveying your cause. Aim for a concise yet evocative title, ideally no more than six words. Use robust and emotive language that directly relates to your cause or the impact of the donations. 
Personalise it if possible – names or specific goals add a human touch that resonates with potential donors. 
Avoid jargon and be clear about the purpose; clarity is key to making an immediate connection. Remember, your title is the first impression: make it count by being memorable and direct. Look at past fundraisers for similar causes to get ideas.

Promote Your Page

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Share your fundraising page with your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers and ask them to share as well. Use different channels and platforms to reach a wider audience and increase your visibility.

Live events on social media work great for attracting a new audience, consider conducting them regularly. 

Rally people around your idea and ask for a small participation fee or collect donations at the event. Post updates and engage with your followers and donors.

Contact local businesses, schools, and community centres to see if they can help promote your page. They might be willing to put up flyers or mention your cause in their newsletters.

Write a press release, reach out to your local newspapers and ask if they could publish it. 

We will also spread the word amongst the EOS community and support you however possible Contact us to receive more support.

Simple Ways To Increase Your Donations

It's always worth asking your employer if they run a scheme matching their employees' charity fundraising. Can your donors do the same?

Matching donations can double or even triple the amount of their donations! Check your local businesses  - they may offer donations, grants or gifts for your ruffle. Maybe your colleagues would like to make up a team event? It's always worth asking!

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Gift Aid

For sponsors that are UK taxpayers, gift aid adds 25%; that's an extra 25p for every pound raised. This will automatically be organised through your fundraising page or by collecting the cash donor's name and address.

Thank Your Supporters

Your fundraising page will send an automatic thank you to show your appreciation and gratitude to everyone who donates or supports your fundraiser. But feel free to send them a personal message, a thank you card or a shout-out on social media. Let them know how their contribution will help EOS Network achieve its mission and improve the lives of people with Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases.


You are all set to make a difference.

Thank you!

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us online or call +44(0)3337721309

Fundraising Ideas To Suit Everyone

If you're looking for inspiration for your next fundraising campaign, we've got you covered with our list of 30 Fundraising Ideas for fun and easy ways to start your fundraising efforts. Whether you want to organise a bake sale, gather donations while shopping, or run a marathon, there's something on our list for everyone.

How Will Your Funds Be Used?

EOS Network is a registered charity striving to create a world where everyone with eosinophilic-associated diseases can live without pain. 100% of the money you raise goes towards improving our community's lives.

Our mission is a prompt and accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and support for people with eosinophilic-associated diseases.

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