As an adult with EoE (Eosinophilic Oesophagitis), I appreciate the support, education and information that the EOS Network offers.

This chronic condition remains unknown to most members of the public and many healthcare professionals. First discovered about 30 years ago, it has taken nearly 20 years of hard work by a few dedicated members of the medical fraternity to bring it to the attention of the wider medical profession.

EoE affects babies, children and adults, many of whom suffer for years before getting a diagnosis; it is most distressing for the very young, and most struggle to thrive. 

Through living with this disease, I understand what its like not being able to eat without fear of food getting stuck and how that has a massive impact on every aspect of your life.

EOS Network charity is helping me and others like me through online lectures (Zoom) with specialists from around the world who impart valuable information to the families enabling them to have a greater understanding of the condition. They are also increasing awareness and expertise among health professionals as, currently, specialists in EoE are few and far between.

Without this organisation, there would be little or no support for these families and patients.

Your support for this fundraising helps to secure the future of EOS Network and its important mission: 

To ensure that every person with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease receives a prompt accurate diagnosis, the right treatment for them, and support to live with their condition.

Find out more about what EOS Network does here 

My walk started on Tuesday, 12th May, and I walked more than 130 000 steps and raised £2125! Thank you!

I would like to offer everyone my sincere thanks for your support and donations for my 100k walk for EOS Network, knowing that you were there cheering me on made the difficult days worthwhile, particularly through the lashing rain, it was then that I realised that 100% waterproof clothing and boots did not exist!
There were a few beautiful sunny days as well and even through all the rain the birds still called, swooping in front of me, the Oyster Catchers with their haunting cry were so welcome.
Here is a picture diary of each day aided by Map My Walk, the total amount raised to date is a staggering £1748 (2125 including Gifts Aid).
With all my thanks for your support, much love to you all.

- Pennie