On May 21st I participated in the Great Manchester Run to raise money for EOS Network, a charity that helps people across the world living with Eosinophilic-Associated diseases.

These are a type of rare blood disease that makes it difficult and often painful to eat. They are under-recognised and under-diagnosed, meaning that many sufferers go years without getting the right help.

I started volunteering for the charity in mid-2020, and since then have been amazed and quite moved to see it grow. I've heard first-hand what a difference the support makes to people's quality of life and witnessed how EOS Network has gained significant influence in landmark advances, such as representing the Patient's Voice in official Medical Guidelines.

I aimed at £250, but was lucky to raise £535 (which is even more with gift aid!).

Find out more about eosinophilic diseases and what EOS Network is doing to improve the futures of people who live with them.