Sean Goss is a professional footballer. He’s a midfielder for Motherwell FC, and has previously been on Manchester United and Rangers’ books. Sean has eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE), and behind an enviable footballing career he has been on a journey that will be familiar to so many people who live with the condition.

As a footballer, the main thing is recovery and eating well

Long before he was diagnosed, EoE impacted Sean’s personal life and career, his Mum even remembers him having episodes when he was a kid. But by the time he turned 20, he found that food was getting stuck when he swallowed more and more often, and he would avoid eating socially with friends and family, opting for softer foods and always carrying a litre bottle of water with him.

His symptoms increased, and eventually, he knew every mealtime that if the food blockage didn't pass after trying to sip water 3 times, he would have to go to the hospital. The fear of choking in front of people was a daily struggle, and like so many without a correct diagnosis, Sean found he had no choice but to adapt his eating habits, lifestyle and career commitments.

Teammates would note how he was always the last to finish his meal, and as Sean often chose protein shakes over solid meals, he felt fatigued, lost weight, and took longer to recover from injuries.

I didn’t know what it was. I was speaking to doctors and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it

Medical teams didn’t know how to help, advising Sean to “keep an eye on it”. It was only when Sean choked on half a paracetamol in one doctor’s office that they agreed something needed to be done. Even then, it took Sean over a year of trips to different specialists to receive an accurate diagnosis of EoE.

The fact that even expert medical teams for top-level football clubs had not recognised the symptoms of EoE demonstrates the need to promote awareness of eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases among the healthcare professional community. This is one of the core aims of our charity's mission.

Diagnosis was a big weight off my shoulders

Getting the diagnosis was the first step, but it requires ongoing medication. Due to strictures (narrowing) in his oesophagus caused by chronic long term EoE, he also needed a dilatation procedure to stretch his Oesophagus. Once he was on the right treatment plan, friends and family said “It’s like you’ve never eaten before” as he was shovelling down everything that was in front of him.

Thankfully, with support, ongoing daily medication, and medical follow-ups, Sean is now in remission, managing his chronic disease and back playing regularly.

We are delighted and very proud that Sean has agreed to be an ambassador for EOS Network and use his platform to help others. He embodies the courage, resilience and determination that we see in so many of our community who live with EoE and other EGIDs.


Help our mission to ensure that every person with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease receives a prompt accurate diagnosis, the right treatment for them, and support to live with their condition.

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