Jeff Bartholomew (you might also know him as Jeff Price) had a successful career in broadcasting, working in both radio and television.

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Eosinophilic Journey

Jeff excelled as a radio presenter and even had the opportunity to manage radio stations. One of his notable achievements he's very proud of is setting up a radio station dedicated to young children and families, creating a platform for education and entertainment.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus excess fluid on the brain which he was getting under control, and then in 2019, Jeff's started experiencing breathing and swallowing difficulties. There were days when it was incredibly severe and distressing.

There have been occasions where I can't swallow at all. If I would try to wash something down with water, I'd be like drowning. It was a really nasty experience.

In late 2021, Jeff was diagnosed with severe eosinophilia, including severe eosinophilic asthma EA and eosinophilic oesophagitis EoE. He underwent a series of tests to understand the extent of his condition and began receiving biologics treatment approved for eosinophilic asthma.

Each patient is different, unique in what they are going through but if we can learn from each other it's really important.

Initially, he started with Mepolizumab biologics in 2022, but unfortunately, this treatment did not work. More recently, Jeff transitioned to another biologic treatment, Benralizumab (Fasenra), which his medical team advised is currently his last chance for success. These treatments have been approved for EA but they have had varied clinical trial results for EoE.

The Impact

Jeff's health challenges have had a profound impact on his broadcasting career as his breathing difficulties forced him to step away from his lifelong ambition.

Despite the setbacks, Jeff found solace in helping others with their radio careers, offering guidance and support to aspiring broadcasters. However, the ongoing issues with breathing and coughing prevented him from committing fully to broadcasting or recording work.

Throughout his journey, Jeff's family has been by his side. He is married and has a grown-up daughter and a 10-year-old son. His challenges significantly impacted his loved ones, who witnessed the struggles and the toll they took on Jeff's physical and emotional well-being.

a man in a hospital bed with bandage around his head with a woman supporting him

Jeff longed to connect with others who have experienced similar challenges. He believed sharing experiences and learning from one another's journeys could provide invaluable support and understanding. Despite not having met someone in person who shared his exact circumstances, he remained hopeful of finding a community where he could share and learn from others' experiences.

I think it's an important aspect of someone's journey to be able to share experiences and learn from one another.

Discovering the EOS Network in 2022 was a turning point for Jeff. The information on the EOS Network's website resonated deeply with him, prompting him to reach out to Amanda, the CEO of the EOS Network.

Throughout his journey, Jeff discovered that maintaining a sense of humour and a positive outlook helped him navigate his challenges. He realised the importance of not giving up, even in frustration and uncertainty.

When I discovered EOS Network, that's where I really found something positive: I was able to hear from someone else who's also struggling with a chronic condition.

As Jeff continued facing ongoing challenges, he recognised the significance of finding joy in everyday moments. He developed an appreciation for nature, listening to birds singing and connecting with the world around him when it was impossible to do anything else. These experiences, Jeff thinks, even made him a better person.

When asked about his well-being lately, Jeff admitted that he was struggling, acknowledging the importance of being honest about his challenges.

Jeff's story is an inspiration to others facing similar experiences. He remains committed to his journey, looking for the answers. He says it's vital to remember that there are people in the community who care about you and to find the courage to ask for help.

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