Holidays are a time of joy and anticipation, especially for kids counting the days with an advent calendar. However, finding an advent calendar free from allergens can be daunting and critical for the health of people with allergies and Eosinophilic-Associated Diseases.

Here’s a list of 15 allergy-friendly advent calendars, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festive excitement worry-free!

Please always double-check the ingredients list, as certain foods or ingredients may still cause sensitivity despite our efforts to exclude six common allergens. Pay attention - the calendars are selling fast and can be out of stock or may change the price.

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Vegan, Dairy, Gluten Free and Allergy-Friendly Advent Calendars

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This category is the most represented, with lots of options to choose from. Check the packaging carefully, as some might contain allergens or foods you are sensitive to. Also, explore other online shops for allergy-free sweets like  Amanda’s Own Confections NoWhey! Foods, Vermont Nut FreePlamil Foods, Holland &Barrett.

NOMO Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendar

Filled with 24 creamy chocolate drops, this vegan advent calendar is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate but needs to avoid dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts.

Moo Free Dairy Free, Vegan White Chocolate Advent Calendar

This delicious advent calendar is filled with Moo Free’s dairy-free white chocolate, offering a new surprise each day. The calendar is made in a zero-waste facility free from all 14 allergens.

You can create your own calendar, with smaller toys and candies you could substitute for allergen free. Grab something like Gabby dollhouse toys or little vegan chocolates from Holland&Barrets to put in the windows.

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Sainsbury’s Free From Choc Advent Calendar Merry Christmas 70g

Sainsbury’s offers a gluten-free and milk-free chocolate advent calendar, featuring pieces made with cocoa butter and rice flour.

PLAYin Choc Plastic Free and Allergy Free Advent Calendar

This calendar combines delicious, creamy chocolates, adorable festive toys, and educational fact cards, providing three daily treats. It's 100% organic and free from dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, and plastic.

Non-Food Advent Calendars

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If you're looking for non-food options, we've got you covered. Pay attention to quality toys that can stay with your kids (or adult collectors) for years to come.

Peter Rabbit Advent Calendar 2023 Kids by Orange Tree Toys

This beautifully crafted wooden calendar is perfect for young children and features beloved characters from the world of Peter Rabbit. The figures are painted with colourful and non-toxic paint.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar 2023

This calendar is an excellent way for young fans of the magical world to count down to Christmas. It contains a buildable surprise behind every door, with simple pictorial instructions to guide the building process. It features iconic locations from Hogsmeade™ and includes mini builds related to the Three Broomsticks™ Inn, the Hog’s Head™ Inn, Zonko’s™ Joke Shop, and Honeydukes™ candy store. It also contains 6 new-for-September-2023 minifigures, such as the first-ever Aberforth Dumbledore figure.

Additional LEGO-themed calendars are also available at LEGO’s store, and other retailers like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

Check for felt calendars at Walmart where you can move a gingerbread man from window to window and a candy cane on another style.

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SHOCKING SCIENCE Advent Calendar by The Purple Cow

This unique calendar offers 24 jaw-dropping science tricks, making it an ideal gift for kids aged eight and above who are passionate about STEM learning. Each day unveils a magical experiment or trick from physics, illusions, robotics, and chemistry, ensuring hours of educational playtime. The calendar includes an illustrated step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and pictures, making it easy and engaging for kids to follow along. 

Star Wars Men’s Advent Calendar

This unique advent calendar offers a countdown to Christmas with 12 days of differently designed ankle socks. Each pair is uniquely styled, ensuring a delightful surprise every day leading up to Christmas.

Beauty Advent Calendars

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Looking for a unique way to count down to Christmas? Consider a beauty advent calendar from top brands such as BootsJohn LewisBodyShopSephora and Superdrug.

L’Occitane Classic Beauty Advent Calendar

The L’Occitane Classic Beauty Advent Calendar, available at Marks and Spencer, is a luxurious way to count down to Christmas. The beautifully designed box, illustrated by Steven Wilson includes beauty treats, such as Immortelle Precious Cream, Verbena Body Lotion, Almond Solid Shampoo, Reset Oil-in-Serum, Shea Hand Cream, and many more. 

Went in ‘The Works’ today and also had some book ones for children.

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Sensory Friendly Advent Calendars

You can find some great options on Amazon if you are looking for fun, educational, or sensory toys.

Advent Calendar 2023 Crystals for Kids

The 2023 Crystals Advent Calendar is an educational and fascinating gift for kids and geology enthusiasts. Priced at £16.99, (down from £24.99), it offers a unique journey through the natural world of rocks and minerals. Each of the 24 days reveals a different precious gemstone, including Quartz, Chalcedony, Jasper, Agate, Jade, and more, with clear instructions to help identify each stone.

Fidget Toys Advent Calendar 

The Fidget Toys Advent Calendar is an engaging and stress-relieving countdown to Christmas, ideal for both kids and adults. Priced at £18.99, this calendar offers a unique surprise behind each of its 24 doors. Each day unveils a different fidget toy, including items like Rubik’s cubes, pull bars, bubble boards, and more, providing diverse sensory experiences.

A great alternative is buying a bundle of mini figures on eBay to create your own advent calendar. Happy Christmas shopping to everyone! 

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Advent Calendars For Adults

Find plenty of drink advent calendars on websites like Virgin Wines, Amazon, Good Housekeeping and others. Make sure they don't contain allergens you need to avoid.

Wine Advent Calendar 

The Wine Advent Calendar from John Lewis is a festive delight for wine enthusiasts. This advent calendar contains 24 mini wine bottles, each sized at 187ml, offering a diverse range of wines to enjoy during the countdown to Christmas. 

The box includes a variety of wines such as Alma Terra Mater Sauvignon Blanc, Altaria Merlot, D’Vine Angels Pinot Grigio, and many more. 

For Dog Lovers

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Why not share your Christmas countdown with your FURRmily members?

Woof Club Naturals GIANT ADVENT CALENDAR for Dogs

This calendar is a unique and delightful dog treat, offering a different natural meat treat for each day of December. It is priced at £34.99, making it a perfect way to include your furry friend in the holiday festivities!

This calendar stands out for its various single-source protein treats, including Meat Bars, Chicken Necks, and even a Whole Rabbit’s Ear.

 Woof Club Naturals GIANT ADVENT CALENDAR for Dogs

Base your calendar on the person's hobbies and go to the charity shops for more affordable options!

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Tea and Coffee Advent Calendars

Create a cosy and aromatic atmosphere, perfect for December mornings, with these Advent Calendars.

Beanies Instant Coffee Advent Calendar

The Beanies Instant Coffee Advent Calendar offers a unique and delightful coffee experience for the festive season. Priced at £23.99, it features various festive flavours, including Mince Pie, Maple Fudge, Yule Log, and many more. The calendar contains 46 sachets and 2 jars, providing a generous amount of coffee.

Beanies Instant Coffee Advent Calendar

 Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

This delightful calendar includes 24 sachets of organic herbal teas, each offering a unique blend to soothe, energize, and delight tea lovers. Currently priced at £9.59 (down from £13.69), it’s an eco-friendly and thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys herbal teas.

The calendar includes a variety of tea blends such as Three Ginger, Feel New, Chamomile Vanilla, and many more. 

Please check the full list before buying. For example, the Night Time and Relax tea blends contain oats. While oats are generally safe for many with eosinophilic oesophagitis, we are not sure they are gluten-free.

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