Dupilimab Improves EoE Symptoms

Mar 2021 - Phase 3 trial shows Dupilimab to improve health-related quality of life and reduces symptom burden in patients with EoE. Read more

Budesonide Oral Suspension Effective in Paediatric EoE

Mar 2021 - Study finds Budesonide Oral Suspension improves multiple outcomes for children 11-17 with EoE. The drug taken twice-daily improved histologic, endoscopic, and combined histologic and symptomatic outcomes in children with EoE. Read more

Eosinophils and COVID Virtual Seminar

Jan 2021 - The International Eosinophil Society (IES) is holding a virtual seminar on 'Eosinophils and COVID'. Talks will include the involvement of eosinophils in viral infections, Covid-19 and eosinophilic diseases, and vaccine hypersensitivity. Read more

Phase 3 trial for Fasenra in EoE begins

Dec 2020 - AstraZeneca has begun its Phase 3 trial evaluating Fasenra in EoE and other eosinophilic diseases. It has also announced a further Phase 3 trial evaluating the drug for EG and EGE. Read more

Screening data from ENIGMA study reveals under-diagnosis of EG and EGE

Nov 2020 - Growing evidence that Eosinophilic Gastritis and Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis are under-diagnosed. 58% of moderate-severely symptomatic patients without diagnoses who entered the ENIGMA study met histologic criteria for EG/EGE Read more

ENIGMA Lirentelimab lower EGID study published

Nov 2020 - Allakos have published the results of the ENIGMA Phase 2 study of Lirentelimab for EG and EGE patients, showing meaningful and statistically significant benefits. The study appears in the October 2020 edition of the NEJM Read more

Dupilumab EoE Treatment Phase 3 Trial

Oct 2020 - Dupixent® (dupilumab) Late-breaking Pivotal Data Showing Significant Improvement in Eosinophilic Esophagitis Signs and Symptom Read more

USA National Institute of Health Support Research In Covid-19 and Rare Diseases Including Eosinophilic Diseases

May 2020 - USA National Institute of Health Support Research In Covid-19 and Rare Diseases Including Eosinophilic Diseases- Read the full article here Read more

The future may include diagnostic biomarkers for EG Eosinophilic Gastritis

Feb 2020 - Research into blood and tissue markers for EG Eosinophilic Disease study published by CEGIR. Read more