This October, EOS Network had the privilege of attending the 75th anniversary of the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) Conference in Harrogate. The milestone year made for an extraordinary programme filled with many lectures and special sessions that catered to diverse interests.

Why was EOS Network there?

Over 80% of our community report having 1 or more other allergies associated with health problems such as Asthma, Eczema, and Nasal reactions, for example, pollen and dust mite sensitivity, and some are living with immediate allergies requiring an adrenaline pen. 

So, although skin prick testing is useless in detecting the foods that trigger Eosinophilic responses, many patients have already visited an allergist department for other reasons. This conference was an invaluable platform for connecting with professionals in the Allergy speciality who are essential in earlier diagnosis and ongoing holistic care.

We were delighted to see presentations on EoE on this year's agenda, including a talk from our Medical advisor, Dr Jamal Hyatt, from St Georges Hospital London.

Our Team

Our team, represented by Amanda, our CEO and founder, her son Sam, and our communications officer, Olena, was called "small but mighty". 

eosinophilic diseases charity team photos

Amanda, Olena and Sam (EOS Network) and Professor Stephen Attwood

Aiding Early Diagnosis

Beyond general practice, paediatricians, dietitians, immunologists, and allergologists also play crucial roles in identifying and referring people with eosinophilic symptoms for endoscopic biopsies. These specialists are often among the first to observe preliminary eosinophilic signs, which are vital for early disease detection.

Allergists also have a crucial role in caring for those with complex allergic problems and Eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases to ensure that the patient's care and quality of life improve through multidisciplinary holistic care.  

We distributed 60 information packs of medical guidelines, a symptom tracker, a food bolus obstruction plan, and EoE patient leaflets. These resources will aid in early diagnosis and proper treatment, ultimately improving patient quality of life.

The event proved productive; 30 healthcare professionals have joined our Network and subscribed to our newsletter, and some have agreed to be featured on our Doctor's and Professional maps.


Amanda and young healthcare professionals discussing EoE

The Conference also offered attendees the unique chance to meet our esteemed medical adviser, Professor Attwood. As the first healthcare professional in the UK to diagnose EoE, Professor Attwood is a leading authority in Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and is an inspiring mentor to trainees in the field. 

We look forward to sharing his interview addressing key questions surrounding EoE for our community, so please stay tuned.

In addition to networking, the Conference gave us valuable insights to serve our community better. It provided our team with a rare opportunity to meet in person and share ideas. The timely completion of our new registration forms—one day before the event, enabled us to implement essential changes based on the live feedback we received. 

We anticipate this will lead to long-term benefits for those we help.

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