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We are passionate about connecting healthcare professionals and research scientists globally for the benefit of sharing knowledge and collaboration. EOS Network in association with institutes such as: CEGIR, EUREOS, BSPGHAN and GUTS/BSG believe together we can improve research, education, awareness and ultimately improve the quality of life for those with Eosinophilic diseases. Registering will ensure you receive the latest news, information and support for both you and your patients through our resources.
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Healthcare professionals and academics with a particular interest in Eosinophilic Associated Diseases, are invited to have their name and hospital/institution location included on the EOS Network international maps.
EOS Network aims to raise awareness, improve diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all patients suspected of having or diagnosed with, an Eosinophilic Associated Disease.
Our professional’s and find a doctor maps highlight clinicians and researchers from around the world who have an interest in Eosinophilic Associated Diseases, to patients and other professionals.
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