What we do

We are a charity that provides support for patients with eosinophilic diseases, their families and healthcare professionals. Eosinophilic diseases are rare and often misdiagnosed, leading to years of discomfort and frustration.

We are creating a community that allows patients and carers to share experiences and access the latest information. We are also building a global network of healthcare professionals to share knowledge and collaborate in research.

After 30 years of choking I’ve just been diagnosed with EoE. It’s great to have a group set up for advice and support!

How can I help?

Donations are essential to help us run as a charity, continue to spread awareness and campaign for change to improve patients' and carers' lives. Please take a moment today to make a contribution using the box below, and check out our guidance on fundraising for ideas and resources.

We are 100% volunteer run, and if you have skills that can help us to grow we would love to hear from you.

The difference you will make

After 16 months of a very poorly baby and having the camera test to confirm EoE, I was told about your charity by the hospital, as I was struggling to come terms with it. Thank you

Your support will mean we can continue to be there for patients and their families.

EOS Network helped us as a family understand the disorder when our son first got his diagnosis and it's been helpful to meet other families. The support has been invaluable

Your donation will let people affected by these rare diseases know they aren't alone, and that they have a collective voice to influence policy.

Quote from a healthcare professional about more research being needed and importance of EOS Network

With your help we will advance international research to fight eosinophilic diseases, and raise awareness so that patients aren't left for years without a correct diagnosis.