Role of allergy in EoE: what's the connection? Part 1

  • The allergic march & EoE
  • The atopic personal and/or family history connection to EoE
  • IgE - Non-IgE Allergy/Intolerance - what does it mean for EoE? 
  • When is an allergy test appropriate, what sort of test? 
  • Immediate allergies and desensitisation  

Presented by Dr Sharon Hall, Consultant in Paediatric Allergy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Role of allergy in EoE: what's the connection? Part 2

  • Seasonality EoE and Oral allergy syndrome:
    • Current research - what do we know
    • Future research - what do we think we know & unanswered questions
  • Adults EoE and allergies
  • String test - How they work, the future?

Presented by Dr Efrem Eren, Laboratory Director and Clinical Lead at University Hospital Southampton's Department of Immunology

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