Limited Studies Suggest:

  • The risk to a mother and her baby is not increased in pregnant women on or off EoE-specific medications.
  • EoE symptoms may improve (56%), worsen (20%), or stay the same (24%) during pregnancy.
  • Changes in EoE symptoms revert to pre-pregnancy levels in most patients.

Treatment Options During Pregnancy

EoE medications considered safe in pregnancy include swallowed topical corticosteroids (budesonide) and proton pump inhibitors. 

Diet elimination during pregnancy is best co-managed with a dietitian with experience in EoE to ensure adequate nutrition.

Management of EoE During Pregnancy

Management of EoE during pregnancy should be individualised using a shared decision-making approach between the patient and her physicians.

  • Patients with active disease at the beginning of pregnancy may continue treatment.
  • Patients with inactive disease may continue treatment or consider stopping treatment with close monitoring.

Future studies are needed to answer questions about EoE management in pregnancy.

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