The Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training Day and Barrett’s Endotherapy Course is a main endoscopic event hosted in Nottingham that provides an opportunity to learn from and interact with world-renowned experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

The first day aims to increase awareness of the early detection of Upper GI neoplasia, the use of advanced imaging techniques, lesion recognition & assessment and the decision-making process.

The Barrett’s Endotherapy course is in its 11th edition and covers emerging topics in Barrett’s endotherapy field through debates, live cases, teaching video sessions, and hands-on training workshops.

The faculty panel consists of endoscopists from the USA and Europe and outstanding faculty from the UK. The meeting is open to everyone with an interest in Upper GI Endoscopy.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the Eosinophilic Oesophagitis, Endoscopy diagnosis and BSG Guidlines with Dr Anjar Dhar on the June 28th from 11.50 to 12.20. 

Booking for this event has now closed.