We have been closely following the launch of Jorveza, the first licensed drug specifically approved for the treatment of adults with eosinophilic oesophagitis reported in Pharma Times October 2018 Read More

Jorveza is designed to reach and treat the affected areas of oesophageal inflammation and research showed that over a twelve-week treatment period 85% of patients using Jorveza achieved complete remission from their condition. This effectiveness together with its ease of use as a once a day, a tablet that dissolves on your tongue made the story welcome news.

Read Here   A review of the latest evidence by 

Stephan Miehlke , Alfredo J. Lucendo, Alex Straumann, Albert Jan Bredenoord and Stephen Attwood

The availability of Jorveza as an EoE treatment

During the last 2 years mainland Europe, UK, Australia and Canada have been processing the applications for funding approval in order for adult patients to access this new treatment.

An important part of EOS Networks role is to ensure the patient's voice is heard when authorities are accessing how new medications may affect the patient's experience when living with eosinophilic oesophagitis.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has caused some delays due to the shutdown of government offices and natural prioritisation Covid-19 treatment applications.

However, during this period, we are pleased to say that further research has been completed for the long-term use of Jorveza as a maintenance therapy rather than just a twelve-week treatment. 

Ongoing Paediatric studies are to be announced later this year.

Latest Accessibility Updates


With thanks to our community’s experience survey, we submitted patient experience submissions to both NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Evidence) England and SMC (Scottish Medicines Committee).

England and Wales

Currently, whilst some NHS Trusts have already agreed to fund the use of Jorveza under a special licence, others will not. We are awaiting NICE updates.


Breaking news 12th October 2020 SMC (Scottish Medicines Committee) has recommended Joveza for acute and maintenance treatment.

Full advice document 

Decision Explained: public information summary


AUSEE are preparing their patient submissions. If you are an Australian adult with EoE they would like you to complete a patient experience survey Link ….


Application pending for funding approval, EOS Network global patient experience submission made to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

Mainland Europe  

Whilst the European Medical Agency has licensed approval for safety and efficacy, access to the treatment is subject to country-specific funding and should be discussed with the local healthcare provider.

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