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EOS Network is a global advocate for patients within the Centre for Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Research (CEGIR). We work closely with clinicians, researchers and other patient advocacy groups around the world to improve patients' lives.

CEGIR's goal is to always ensure their research is patient-centred. To achieve this they want to know what questions you, the eosinophilic community, would like answers to.

Groups involved with Patient Research Interest CentrePatient Research Interest Survey

Together with our patient advocate colleagues, we have set up a quick survey for you to anonymously ask your questions to the researchers.

These questions will then be submitted to CEGIR's global researchers, and over the course of 2022 we will share with you the exciting presentations developed from them.

We can not wait to hear your ideas.

Click here to submit your quesitons

Learn more about CEGIR by playing the video below: