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Fergus is 19 years old and has had health issues and multiple allergies since he was born, but there was always a piece missing in the jigsaw regarding his health.

Last year eating went beyond the worry of avoiding his allergies when it suddenly became impossible to eat without suffering pain and sickness.

After many hospital visits and searching for answers, Fergus was eventually diagnosed with chronic Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease (EGID).

We turned to the EOS Network charity for help, and we were met with amazing support, information, and a community.

The charity's leader's support and knowledge empowered Fergus to manage and live with his new lifelong diagnosis, and the EOS community's support ensured we no longer felt alone.

Please donate to support their mission so they can continue to help Fergus and many other sufferers and their families manage these life-impacting diseases.

With the vision that all those affected may one day be able to eat without pain.

Thank you for supporting our cause

The Rice Family, Helen, Neil, Isabelle, Fergus, Aedan, Hamish and Elspie

Helen Rice