Walk ≥15,000 steps

EoE diagnosis requires a biopsy with ≥15 (greater than or equal to 15) eosinophils per high-powered field. 

That's why we're asking all our community to take part in the sponsored #StepsForEOS challenge and walk 15,000 or more steps during National Eosinophilic Awareness Week (16th-22nd May).

Raise funds

Whether you want to stick to 15,000 steps or push yourself further, make sure to get sponsorship from family, friends, colleagues or classmates.

The money we raise together will help our charity and healthcare professional community to improve diagnosis times and healthcare support for patients and families living with eosinophilic diseases.

Set up a Facebook fundraising page

If you have Facebook, a great way to share the message with people you know is to set up a fundraising page. Facebook doesn't take any money from the donations.

You can customise the title, target amount, description and cover image.

Create a Facebook fundraising page

You can find one you've created at any time by going to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/manage.

Set up a fundraising page on our website

If you don't use Facebook then you can also create a fundraising page on this website.

Once you set this up, you can copy and paste the webpage address to share with people.

Create a fundraising page on our website

You can come back and find your Fundraiser by going to this page, and selecting the 'Fundraisers' tab next to 'Current appeals'.


Where can I take part?

We are a global charity and any of our supporters can do the challenge! We look forward to seeing all of your photos!

Do I have to do it all in one go?

No - this is a week long challenge for National Eosinophilic Awareness Week, so you can count any steps you take across the week to record it.

How do I track my steps?

You can track your steps through free apps like Strava, MapMyFitness and FitBit. Most smartphones have an in-built step counter (in Apple Health on iPhones and in Google Fit on Android).

Do I have to do 15,000 steps?

We suggest 15,000 as a starting point as it will help raise awareness of eosinophilic disease diagnoses. You can of course change this if you are less able to walk, or want to take on more!

If you're a wheelchair user, 15,000 steps roughly equates to 6 miles.

Which steps count?

All of them! Whether you're walking to work, borrowing a neighbours dog or running on a treadmill, this is your personal challenge so do it in your own style!

How can I raise as much money as possible?

  • Personalise your appeal - whether it's a on Facebook or this website you can upload a photo and edit the description to share your story
  • Set a target - this will encourage others to contribute and help motivate you to keep plugging away
  • Post updates throughout the week - your supporters will want to hear how you're getting on and may be inspired to donate again
  • Encourage people to add Gift Aid - if they are in the UK, the government will allow us to reclaim 25p tax of every £1 donated

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